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This is an online faith community.

We believe that spiritual growth is ignited as we Learn, Reflect and Serve.

We are here to help you do just that . 


Now more than ever we need to grow closer to Jesus. The increasing number of seeker sensitive churches in America are reaching new believers but not always feeding growing believers. We are here to help your grow. No sales pitch, no pressure to volunteer and we are never too crowded to find a seat. 


We provide a weekly sermon along with a worship playlist. You can follow the links on the playlist to watch the videos as you worship. We believe that worship is a natural response of gratitude and praise for who God is and what He is doing in our lives.


Our community is made up of people in different stages and situations. Some attend church regularly or even serve a church and join us to find a consistent word of hope and encouragement. Some call us their home church and engage at the level they feel comfortable. While others are just dropping in from time to time. 


We believe there is power in the people of God coming together in celebration and fellowship. While we offer solid teaching to feed your soul, this online format is not a substitute for connecting with people face to face and doing life together.

Our vision is to help connect people together and that begins with you reaching out across the street in your neighborhood extending kindness and hope to those around you.  

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